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I love encouraging others through music! There is something powerful about a song - it reaches and speaks to places that no one else can.

As a Vocalist sharing that power of music with audiences big and small is incredibly rewarding and a passion of mine. 

As a Songwriter, writing a song which brings hope, help, or even a smile is better than anything else in the world. 

As a Vocal Performance Coach I enjoy helping a client take their singing to a different level. Building confidence and courage that they can take with them on and off the stage, changes them forever. 

Choir practice at First Roanoke

Singing for a Talent Competition

Straight Path CD

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(don't miss Pirate on a Motorcycle!)

You can purchase them on iTunes or anywhere digital music is sold


I am available for large or small events, churches, weddings, and funerals. 

I enjoy singing for all ages, and have a variety of songs and styles to choose from. 


I love writing songs for projects! 

Do you have an event you need a song written for? 

How about a jingle for business? 

Want help writing a song? 


Let me help you own the stage, and the song you want to sing! 

I can also help you with a set-list and promoting, and help you book your first gig. 

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